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13" x 20" 

Archivally printed hand carved Woodcut alphabet on BFK Rives Cotton acid Free Paper. Printed in two layers in blues and Greens

There's a lot of things I love about this, but I think it is most simply expressed as an unapologetic love of typography and design and carving and silliness and hammerhead sharks.

Mermaid Alphabet in Blues and Greens

  • Shipping + Delivery Policies:

    For now all shipping is free (Yay!) and I don’t offer expedited shipping because I get headaches easily (Boo!).

    Currently shipping to US and Canada exclusively, unless I get a whole lot of international interest in which case I will cease being a chicken.

    When will you send my order?

    I try to get to the post office twice a week, usually on a Monday and a Friday or the next business day. Sometimes this can vary due to a pressing deadline although I do my best to keep constistent.  Thankyou for choosing to support a small independent business and an Artist. Since I am only one person it can take a little longer so thankyou for your patience while I am trying to do my best. xo

    How Will my Order be Packaged?

    Small prints: wrapped in vellum, safely stowed in a stiff board folder and sent in recyclable stiff board envelope

    Medium + Large Prints: Wrapped in Vellum and newsprint and rolled into a cardboard tube. Multiple prints will be wrapped separately and rolled and sent together.

    I don’t send large prints flat- to reduce risk of damage and to keep costs down.

    Once you get your print(s) I recommend removing them from the tube to let them uncurl. The longer they are in the tube the longer the curl will imprint on the paper.

    Cards and postcards: If bought together with larger prints I’ll send separately since they don’t fit in the same packaging.

    How Long Will My Order Take To Arrive?

    Once Posted, It may vary depending where you are. Generally speaking I think 3-5 business days is about right.


    Can I Return My Print?

    Provided the print(s) are in the same perfect condition you received it in and in the same packaging, you can return unwanted prints to me within 30 day. You will be responsible for the return shipping. Please let me know via email that you are returning the print, so I know what to expect.

    My Print Was Damaged:

    PLEASE let me know if your print was damaged in transit. Take pictures of packaging – this can help me do a better job too. If it is possible I will certainly replace it.  If it isn’t possible to replace ( if that print is limited and sold out) I’ll refund everything.

    My Print hasn’t arrived:

    If your print hasn’t arrived within a week I’ll track down the package and give you an estimate of arrival. If the package is just lost, I’ll replace or refund your preference.

    My Print is different than the picture:

    I enjoy the variation and beauty, even the noise and messiness in the woodblock.  Because of that, to a degree each print is unique. Printmakers vary in how much they embrace this aspect. To me, for example, I enjoy adding subtle differences in the color of a background. With my prints, there will be a little bit of variation from print to print. This pleases me and is part of my ethos. It doesn’t mean you might get a pirate when you ordered a porcupine, it just means there will be variations in shading and the like and You should be aware that this is the case.


    Orders can be cancelled if they haven’t been shipped.

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